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Radial tunnel syndrome or radial nerve entrapment

Radial tunnel syndrome or radial nerve entrapment as it is sometimes called is when the radial nerve gets compressed or restricted in the tunnel it passes through.

Radial nerve entrapment symptoms
The symptoms of radial nerve entrapment are very similar to those of tennis elbow and so it can be difficult to determine which of these conditions is causing the elbow pain.

Symptoms also include pins and needles or tingling in the hand and outer forearm. Tenderness may be felt in the muscles of the upper forearm with the maximum point of tenderness is about 4-6 cm down from the lateral epicondyle with tennis elbow this point is just below the bone. The patient may also experience aching in the wrist and pain may also radiate upwards into the upper arm.

Specific tests to help diagnose radial nerve entrapment will reproduce pain on resisted supination or turning the palm of the hand up and pain on extending the middle finger against resistance

The radial nerve divides into two branches at the elbow. These are the superficial radial nerve and the posterior interosseous nerve (PI nerve). It is the PI nerve that may become entrapped in the forearm. Compression of the PI nerve may occur at several locations in the elbow and upper forearm.

Radial nerve entrapment is more common in those who pronate and supinate the arm repetitively or turn the hand over, whereas tennis elbow is usually caused more by repetitive wrist extension or bending the wrist back.

Treatment :-
I can be done by cupping therapy which makes muscles relaxation & gives good blood circulation by applying cups according to radial nerve.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy :-
1. Muscles Relaxation.
2. Heal Muscles Pain.
3. Correct blood circulation.
4. Gives Correction to Nerve circulation.
5. Heal Naturally.

Removal of cyst by hijama

: Alhumdulillah I m very happy to share my one patient’s case with all of u
She was suffering from large subecues cyst on her middle chest bone too much pain and itching she bear last month we do her first session of hijama with some detox points and now cyst is going to heal process alhumdulillh
She bear this cyst from last 20 years and drs failed to diagnose and refuse to do any thing with it.
Just have a look befor and after hijama.

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