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On many occasions I am asked by Hijamah therapists and Practitioners throughout the world even today.

If wet cupping should be practiced on patients suffering from diabetes?

There are two forms of diabetes:
Diabetes mellitus Type 1- total lack of insulin.

Diabetes mellitus Type 2- or they have too little insulin or cannot use insulin effectively.

Let us take a brief look at the Bio-mechanisms of diabetes on the coagulation factors of blood due to HYPERGLYCAEMIA (high sugar levels)

Numerous studies have shown that coagulation abnormalities occur in the course of diabetes mellitus, resulting in a state of Thrombophilia.
These observations are supported by epidemiological studies which demonstrate that thrombo-embolic events are more likely to occur in diabetic patients. The coagulation abnormalities observed in diabetic patients seem to be caused by the hyperglycemia, which also constitutes the distinguishing feature of this disease.
Such analytical data is supported by in vitro studies which demonstrate how glucose can directly determine alterations in the coagulation system.

The abnormalities observed involve all stages of coagulation, affecting both thrombus formation and its inhibition, fibrinolysis, platelet and endothelial function.

The final result is an imbalance between thrombus formation and dissolution, favouring the former. Hyperglycemia probably determines the onset of these abnormalities through three mechanisms which are, respectively,

1) Non-enzymatic glycation,
2) The development of increased oxidative stress
3) A decrease in the levels of heparan sulphate.

The first seems to affect the functionality of key molecules of coagulation in a negative sense. Oxidative stress constitutes an important pro-thrombotic stimulus, while the decrease in heparan sulphate determines a reduction in antithrombotic defenses.

Good metabolic control could play a key role in controlling the coagulation irregularities in diabetes. However, considering the difficulties in achieving such an objective, it is possible that the use of drugs may represent a valid alternative. In fact, several drugs exist which are of potential interest. It is, however, necessary to perform long-term studies which demonstrate unequivocally that by controlling the coagulation abnormalities in diabetic patients, prolongation of life is possible. SubhaanAllah it is also a well known fact that Hijamah has the ability to induce HOMEOSTASIS- which means it has the potential of reversing most of these anomalies in blood clotting factors by returning the bodily functions back to its original status.
By analyzing the scientific acknowledgement presented above it can therefore be deduced that Hijamah has the capability of reversing many of the physiological factors that may be causing the coagulation abnormalities in the first instance, thus benefiting the patient in more ways than one.
It must also be made clear that although many of the physiological factors that lead to further demise of the human anatomy by this debilitating illness can be controlled by this therapy.
However we must be honest…That Hijamah alone CANNOT cure diabetes and alternative Insulin Replacement Therapy is required for the body to maintain the composition of blood glucose.
In hindsight it is possible to administer Hijamah to such patients and must be proceeded with great caution at ALL times. Which means based on the hematology (hyperglycaemic) reports application of cups should be minimal as per session employed.

This means if for argument sake a healthy patient requires a 10 point (cups) detoxification plan…we basically half the amount used for diabetic patients or even less depending on varying factors such as;-


For repeat or successive prescriptions a greater quantity of recuperation period should be recommended for such patients. With ongoing time the patients will soon realise the benefits and should achieve gainful results.

However Hijamah must be administered systematically and again great care should be executed at all times. From experience I have found that such patients make great recovery and benefit immensely. The results will speak for themselves InshaAllah. Always bear in mind that the cure lies ONLY with Allah.


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