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tmp_29599-FB_IMG_1458983735992812777135 Hijama should not be done on red area shown on back of head.Why IT CAN BE DANGEROUS TO APPLY HIJAMAH – WET CUPPING IN THE MID RIDGE OF THE OCCIPITAL REGION OF THE HEAD.

The brain is a complexed organ which is difficult to understand. However for hijamah practitioners it is vital to understand why we should not apply wet cupping to this region.
To understand this we must look at the anatomy of this region.
Basically the blood supply to this region flows through the vertebral and carotid arteries…..The supply lines(vessels) branch off at the point in question. It is the point where the skull dips in downwards in line with the neck. This is the exact base area of where the skull connects to the vertebra ATLAS (C1 area). This is also the notch where these major blood vessels ingress into the brain stem supplying the whole organ with oxygen and nourishment.
Now if there is a sudden disruption in the blood flow in this region then this can alter both the patients perception and can cause long term memory loss…..WHY?
The blood flowing through the Vertebral and Carotid arteries supply two major parts of the brain,,,Namely HIPPOCAMPUS which is responsible for a persons emotional state…The other region is the AMYGDALA responsible for long term memory…Both of these regions are part of a larger system known as the LIMBIC SYSTEM.
The Limbic System contains auxiliary structures responsible for other functions. However one of the major activities of this collective region is related to long term memory.
If there is a drastic change or drop in the blood pressure then effectively this can disrupt the efficiency of the brain to work in its scheduled processes.
So if a cup is applied in this region and the slightest over pressure in the cup or incisions made too deep. This can have blood gushing out at a quicker rate than blood being directed to this whole region(brain)….The outcome can be catastrophic and may leave the patient with severe or permanent damage..There is also the very possibility of a haematoma rendering the patient with a stroke….Even worse the patient may be deprived of oxygen causing necrosis in certain parts of the brain.
Non the less….It is NOT advisable to perform hijmah in this region.

Book 28, Number 3851:Suna Abu Dawood
Narrated Anas ibn Malik:
The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) had himself cupped three times in the veins at the sides of the neck and on the shoulder. Ma’mar said: I got myself cupped, and I lost my memory so much so that I was instructed Surat al-Fatihah by others in my prayer. He had himself cupped at the top of his head.

Also refer to the picture above
Then Allah Knows best.

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