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Hijama is highly beneficial for women who have harmone issues or polystic overies. So hijama cures such patients by normalizing all hormones and many women successfully conceive and get pregnant. Now we present such case study .


I was married in the year 2011.
Since then we were trying to have a baby but no luck. We have consulted many Gynecologist in India, Dubai and USA they told us that everything look normal and It is unexplained Infertility. After 2 years I have consulted a Doctor in Hyderabad, She told me that I have Endometriosis and then I had a Surgery to treat it. Still no Luck…..😔
After 4 years and 8 months
My Dream came True …. I’m Pregnant 😀
Thanks to Sister Saima
She is very kind, helpful and caring.
She explained me the procedure and treated my Endometriosis Disease.
I took 1 session of Hijama for 2 months and after a month, my Pregnancy Test is Positive الحمد الله
I would definitely recommend all the women who have infertility issues should go for Hijama…..
May Allah Swt bless Sister Saima

Dallas, Texas
February 2, 2016;


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