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Hijamah blood contents

Hijamah blood contains.

  • Broken intracellular matter
  • Phleghm
  • Black bile
  • Toxic metals such as lead.
  • Dead red blood cells.

A combination of all this sits in the capillaries where the body can not dispose of these correctly and hence this stagnated blood sits in the blood vessels and rots away..
I have scientifically proven that
this septic blood is acidic …therefore any thing acidic is carcinogenic (cancer causing).
We know that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments.
Therefore I can confidently conclude: it is this agglomerate of waste that causes cancers strokes and heart disease.
Then Allah knows best.

Basically when hijama is performed…
it is done to bring about homeostasis…
the ability to harmonize the working systems and to restore the components of the human physiology to its original natural state.
This treatment actuates the following
complete systems:
As well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
It is an effective holistic treatment.
Dry cupping is excellent in loosening skeptic blood…however does not expel the impurities there in the body and as the body is an enclosed package….
the toxins still remain…
yet move and settle elsewhere.
Very similar to the principles of acupuncture.
Where as with wet cupping we facilitate the lymphatic system….
by allowing the body to rid these toxins for good.
This is why it is the most beneficial prophetic it triggers the “healing within” process.
Secondly wet cupping is also known as the “Father” of acupuncture.

Then Allah knows best!!!
My conclusion on the subject matter through research studies and practical treatment!!


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