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Wet hijama is performed on the surface of the skin with light scratches, the body produces many toxins and pathogen, as a person goes older the immune system gets weaker, making it easy for diseases to build up.

If you can make it easy for blood to circulate by taking these harmful substances out from your system, your organs will function better. We like to think of the blood cells as little soldiers at work, if we can help them by getting rid of harmful toxins it will make their lives a lot easier.
We always say to our patients, do you have a bath once in your life and say I am clean forever?
No, the body builds up toxins and dirt so you have to regularly keep yourself clean to stay healthy. Just like that,
underneath your skin harmful toxins, pathogen and dead blood cells build up and hijama is the fastest way to detoxify
your body.
Today it is also recognized as blood letting, if a person’s iron level is high, blood letting helps it to normalize. There are so many benefits the list goes on.


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