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1.Hijamah Therapist should be true follower of Allah’s Teachings

2.He should have knowledge of handling the evil spells caused by jinns ,black magic and evil eye

3.He must have knowledge of human body ,Anatomy of organs,Physiological functions and pathology of diseases.

4.He must have knowledge of spiritual diseases.

5.He should be paid accordingly

6.He should use disposable cupps, gloves and give incisions  by using scalpel of good quality

7.Detailed history and examination of patient before the procedure

8.Male Hijamah Therapist should cup males and females should cup female patients

9.Patient should be taught about his disease and procedure of cupping before the actual procedure.

10.He should have knowledge of Rukya therapy

11.He should treat the patient through diet praised by Rasoolullah and Tibb-e-Nabawi herbs

12.He should have brief knowledge of other modalities of treatment(Allopathy,homeopathy,etc) for guiding the patient in correct way.

13.He should not prescribe medication containing alcohol,and medications that are not liked by Rasoolullah.

14.He should do wuzu,Read masnoon duas
And fumigate the place with Myrrh and frankiscence

15.Hijamah should not be repeated frequently once an appropriate amount of blood has drained.Then he can  repeat it after 2months.(it depends on Hijamah therapist when he calls his patient)

16.Hijamah can be repeated as an emergency treatment depending upon patients condition

17.Vaseline can be applied if air leaks from cup.

18.Weak patients and children should be treated gently and avoid heavy cupping

19.Avoid cupping in menstrual period if she is anemic

20.Avoid cupping in pregnancy.
It can be done gently  in emergency states after 7th month

21.Patients having history of heavy bleeding should be handled with caution

22.Patient of hemophilia or other bleeding disorders should also be handled with caution by checking PT/APTT/INR ,BT(bleeding time),CT(clotting time)

23.Patients of hepatitis /Aids should be pricked with caution to avoid blood borne virus entry

24.If a patient had any contagious disease, then take precautions (wear mask,surgical gloves etc)

25.Approximately 400ml should be drained

26.How vein can be punctured in some diseases
How basilic, median vein and jugulars are punctured

27.In case of excess bleeding,henna or ash of palm leaves can be applied

28.Cauterization should not be preferred unless it is a last resort.

29. Sunnah points are superior than other points

30.Don’t stop the drugs which patient is taking for a long period  abruptly .Instead taper it off gradually.

31.Hijamah blood should be measured and then disposed off in a proper way

32.Hijamah blood can be investigated further by performing CBC,LFTs etc

For Patient:

1.He can bring his own gown

2.He can bring his own kit of cupps for safety measures if possible

3.Cupping preferred on empty stomach for at least 2-3 hours

4.Preferred on 17,19,21 dates of lunar month.But cupping can be done at any time when needed.

5.Mode of treatment should be followed sincerly and observe the healing effects after taking tibb-e-Nabawi diet, herbs and Hijamah

6.Quran recitation and good conduct should not be ignored

7.After cupping,protect the body by izkaar and quran recitation to avoid any waswasa


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