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..For those who do not know Beta Thalassemia Major, then very briefly it is a blood disorder due to which the body does not produce blood by itself. Therefore the patient needs blood transfusion every 2 or 4 weeks. Transfusions creates iron overload and therefore needs Chelation therapy to remove iron.

Patient Description: 31 Years old, Beta Thalassemia Major patient since birth. Currently married and has two children. Residing in —————-

Blood transfusion frequency before Hijama: every 14 days

Blood transfusion frequency after Hijama: Every 24 days

Hijama Points: various  points at the back, Neck and Limbs . Also areas of Kidney, Liver.

Amount of Blood let out: Very little blood comes out, enough to soak the cotton and at time even less.

Hijama frequency: Doing for the past 4 months, once every 24 days. Please note normally hijama is recommended every 3 months, but patient feels very comfortable after hijama after blood transfusion. In the past the patient would have  lot of irritation and body swelling after transfusion, however after hijama those symptoms have disappeared.

Other Notes: Takes honey, black seed, water mix in the morning empty stomach.

For those who are herbal doctors, I encourage you to focus more on Tibb-e-nabawi and do more research on this illness for I am certain inshallah there is a cure for this illness through Tibb-E-Nabawi.

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