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All patients under the spell of evil eye, Sehr (magic) & JINN possession will faint during Hijamah & they can show a variety of disturbance, sweating is the most common even if the fan and A/C are turned on, it is the heat of fire (coming out of Mahjoom’s body) with which Shayateen were Created, Hijamah’s weight (because it is the Sunnah of Khair-u-Khalqillah) crushes the spell, that is for sure.

Yes, some Mahjooms urinated, those few minutes when the patient gets disconnected from his senses are so terrible & difficult, you will see that the Mahjoom feels thirsty, wants to vomit, his eyes get fixed, voice changes like roar of a wolf, patient’s body releases bad odor, some will fall over you, some will raise their hands to beat you, so you have to be very careful & quick, always recite Quran & Azan with a loud voice if something goes wrong. Keep a bottle of cold water, recite Surah Fatihah ~ Ruqya & blow over the water and sprinkle over Mahjoom’s face, head & chest. And when the spell is being crushed, never remove the cups, wait till the Mahjoom comes back to his senses. If the Mahjoom asks for drinking water, never give it immediately unless you are satisfied that the spell has left his body.

And if a patient urinates, can you explain why a Hajjaam was given the rank of Ne’m-ul-Abd ~ the best of Allah’s slaves ?

In addition, your protection is the most vital, start Hijamah with Wazoo, fumigate the room with Myrrh / Frankincense, massage your head with the blessed Olive Oil, put Henna Khazaab on your head & feet, full beard on your face is another helmet. Many Hajjaam friends who were careless reported fever, disturbed sleep & dreams, headaches, etc. Consult a good Aalim / Mufti Sahib & get training for RUQYA.

And HIJAAB is so essential, never touch a female patient, train your wife & let her handle the ladies.


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