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Hijamah blood is not totally the toxic blood; some fresh blood is also drained from Hijamah scars.

Precisely (and apart from above discussion); Hijamah’s wastage is the capillary blood from underneath the skin which resides in sub-cutaneous tissues.

It is different than the blood in vessels and arteries.

But when Hijamah blood is removed, we have seen the diseases reduce and disappear gradually.

An example, you donate blood but your cholesterol level will not drop down, but when you take Hijamah, lipids quench down drastically.

American Heart Association (AHA) does not give a guarantee that blood donation lowers cholesterol and prevents heart diseases.

But with Hijamah, I have seen patients who had Triglycerides levels as high as 500 md/dl ~ which dropped to 200 mg/dl after draining 400 ml of Hijamah blood.

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