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Hi All,

|I started doing my Hijama or cupping therapy practice in Rawalpindi near scheme three almost seven years back when i learnt this Sunnah way of treatment from a practitioner who learned it from Dubai.

I think that Hijama is miraculous and its simply amazing .

During my seven years of practiser the results i found were almost amazing. From 10 patients i treat almost 9 get the cure in first session.

I usually apply 4 to 5 cups during first session and prefer to do hijama on the Sunnah points that are on the back side of the body.

The patients suffering from Sciatica, Black Magic, Or Nazr e Bad get instant results. Sometimes the sciatica people are brought to us in a state that they cannot even walk but after the session they return to their homes on their on feet.

I usually do one session of hijama in a month. The amount of blood that comes out is not too much and you can say that it is less than a bottle and the patient does not feel any sort of weakness.

But i have observed that if more than 3 cups are applied at same time, the patient gets faint and feels nausea for only a short period of time. Than we give them juice or water and he is back to normal again.

Patients of Hepitatas A,B and C and Sugar , also get cured due to hijama. The size of cancer tumors also drop significantly after hijama sessions.

If a patient is telling about pain in specific part of body than its better to do hijama at that point also.

There are no side affects of Hijama. The cuts of hijama are not very deep and they are automatically cured in 2 to 3 days.

We have found that applying Honey after hijama is very beneficial as it is antiseptic.


One important thing every hijama therapist should remember is that the cuts should be maximum in number and smallest in size. Many hijama practitioners often put large size cups which is not good. It has two major drawbacks first is that it is more painful to the person who is getting hijama secondly it takes more time for the cuts of hijama to heel if the cuts are large.

So always remember put smaller sized cups.



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