Call 0334-5459912 For Hijama and training in Pakistan

Services and Prices

We Offer follwing services
•Al Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) treatment at patient location.
•Some of our foreign trained staff perform treatment painlessly.
•We provide our products in nationwide.
•Al Hijamah Book by Dr. Amjad Ahsan (Recommended)
•Training Courses. (Online and Offline)
•China made Cupping Box.
•Local made but good quality disposable Cups.
•Local made Cupping Box including Vacuum Pump and 10 Cups.(Guaranteed)
•Vacuum pump.
•Disposable Gloves and Blades (Wet Cupping).

Price of cup is Rs 25 each in Pakistan but prices vary for countries Internationally


Comments on: "Services and Prices" (4)

  1. please could you give us the next available dates in dec or jan 2011 for cupping course is the course also for women. Im based in rawalpindia.

    • Aoa Sadia

      Yes we give Hijama training to females as well. Hijama is a suunah and both male and females should learn this and benefit their family members.

      With hijama training you will get Al Hijamah Book by Dr. Amjad Ahsan (Recommended)

      And this book contains all hijma points for all diseases

  2. kathryn H. said:

    Can you kindly tell me the price of online training and materials price for USA students? Thank you

    • Yes we provide online training via skype video chat after scheduling a time with students. And price for USA students of complete training is 60 dollars which includes the training literature in English.

      while the price of the cupping instrument is 60 dollars which includes the delivery charges

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